Seal Spotting in Kent or Norfolk


Adorable seals on our coastlines

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Who wouldn’t love to see animals in their natural habitats? Grey seals often colonise the Norfolk and north Kent coastlines in the spring to raise their young, and you can book a boat trip to search for and watch them (at a respectful distance of course!).

Available all year!

Fun for anyone interested in seals or wildlife in general and with all the cute seal videos taking the internet by storm, we think that might be you! So why not get your waterproofs out and go seal spotting?

How to get there


By train: Cromer has strong links to Norfolk, which in turn has a great service into London and other major cities. Ramsgate has a direct service into London, travelling through north Kent.

By road: Both areas have good bus services to the coasts from the surrounding areas and within the towns. Parking available at the hotels and coastline.

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