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North York Moors & Yorkshire Dales

Other events are in our National Parks all around the UK, so why experience our extraordinary skies in an extraordinary way?

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I often catch myself gazing up into the night skies in the summer, and I’m sure the skies over our National Parks are even more distractingly beautiful.

Watch the skies of the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales come to life this February with the annual Dark Skies Festival. Suitable for groups, friends and couples, this stunning insight into our night skies is both romantic and fun for everyone.

How Stean Gorge offers a canoeing and stargazing experience on a local reservoir, with homemade pizza to keep your energy up. What an amazing way to appreciate the beauty of our night skies! How Stean Gorge also offers events and outdoor activities all year round, so why not get involved in other activities whilst in the area?

Dark Skies also offer events in National Parks all around the UK, including the South Downs, Exmoor, and Wales, so why not get your tickets and coats ready to experience our extraordinary skies in an extraordinary way? See below for all the info and I hope you have a fun time.

How to get there


By train: Harrogate Station is the closest to How Stean Gorge, however a car will be needed to access the location.

By road: There is parking available at How Stean Gorge

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