Experience Britain’s best fireworks night!

Lewes, Sussex

Get your costumes ready, you don’t want to miss out on this year’s Lewes Fireworks Celebrations.

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Did you know in Sussex every year there is this infamous and legendary celebration - the UK’s largest bonfire night? I’d love to share with you a great trip that’s perfect for couples, friends and larger groups! Come on the Friday or Saturday and be prepared to stay over for a fantastic weekend away!

The night commemorates and honours the failed attempt at the assassination of King James 1. Lewes Bonfire celebration is also in memory of 17 protestant martyrs that were burned at the stake.

Locals and visitors participate in parades and parties, enjoy firework displays and obviously bonfires. There are several venues and locations that suit everyone’s preferred celebration style.  

Although held in Lewes there are seven bonfire societies which hold their displays in their particular area and have their own parades, pubs, bonfires and fireworks displays. Get here early and be prepared to walk to experience the whole fantastic evening!

Get your tickets and costumes ready, you don’t want to miss out on this year’s Lewes Bonfire Celebrations.

How to get there


By train:  
There is a rail station in Lewes with excellent services to London and Brighton. We recommend using this. You can book your tickets by clicking here[new tab]. Please check late night rail services if not staying for the night.

By road:  
Roads leading into and out of Lewes are shut before and after the event. Both locals and visitors advise against driving your own car and instead take public transportation. If you insist on driving make sure you arrive well before the event starts and expect to be stuck for a long time after.

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