Husky Dog Sled the UK?


Arctic Quest offer an authentic sled-dog riding experience through beautiful trails on the edge of the Cotswolds.

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Dogs really are man’s best friend, and with this trip you can spend some time with some gorgeous huskies, racing through the Cotswold trails.

Arctic Quest offer a unique husky racing experience. Their team of sled dogs and equipment are available for sessions along stunning trails through the edge of the Cotswolds. Once you’re back at camp, you’ll get have food and drinks around a campfire, really immersing yourself in the life of a ‘musher’.

This is a great event for any dog lover who loves to be out and about in the countryside with animals. The event is available all year round and is perfect for couples, friends, and small groups to enjoy an afternoon with the beautiful dog pack.

How to get there


By train: Ashchurch for Tewkesbury station is the closest, a bus or taxi will be needed to reach the venue.

By road: Limited parking may be available onsite. There is a bus stop located directly outside the venue.

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