England vs Brazil – will you be there?


Watch the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 winning England team take on Brazil for their last friendly of the season!

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The whole country rallied behind the England Women’s football team during their Euros win last summer, bringing highlights and conversation surrounding the importance of women’s football and women’s sport like nothing we’ve seen before. Now you can get a piece of this action with that England team’s last match of this season. England vs Brazil at Wembley Stadium on 6th April!

The noise of fans screaming their support, smiling, and laughing with friends and fans around you as you all pull together to support the team through the match, there isn’t a better feeling of camaraderie and pride.

Why not be a part of the legacy of women’s football, and support the England women’s team against the Brazil team this spring?

How to get there


By train: Wembley is easily accessible from central London using the tube service.  

By road: Parking needs to be booked in advance. Public transport is preferred. If you are taking the car why not park at a train station that links into Wembley.

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