Top 7 things to do when in Brighton


Brighton is more than the beach.

Brighton is a haven for Londoners escaping the city for some sea air. Boasting beaches, a famous pier, and a relaxed, care-free attitude, it is the perfect place for a weekend away from the fast-paced life of London. But that’s not all Brighton has to offer, here are some awesome things to get stuck into on your next visit:

Paddle Boarding with Seven Sisters View

Head out onto the water for a unique view of the Seven Sisters cliffs from the sea. This paddle boarding tour gets you up close and personal with the cliff faces and a chance to witness the kitty wake birds roosting on them. Never paddle boarded before? No worries, you’ll have a full induction before taking to open waters.

From £20

Outdoor Yoga Class at Brighton’s Sea Front

Yoga on the beach? Sounds like something you might do in Bali, but it’s just as relaxing and energising on the English coast in Brighton. Take the 8am or 12:30pm class (great if you had a heavy night before) and soak up the sea breeze with a touch of mindfulness. Dress appropriately, this one doesn’t stop for the weather!

From £8

Brighton Chocolate Tour

Get a chance to try chocolate everything with five stops on this chocoholic’s tour of the best places to enjoy the firm favourite flavour. From ice creams to fudges, pain au chocolat to hot choccys, everything on this walking tour is chocolatey bliss. Seeing the sights of Brighton through the medium of chocolate is one of the best ways to get familiar with the city.

From £68

Candle Making Workshop and Bubbly

Make some truly unique candles in this workshop whilst enjoying a glass of fizz. Pick your scents, dyes, shapes and styles in this fully customisable 2-hour relaxed workshop. All ingredients are locally sourced, and your creativity can run wild, leaving with a personalised keepsake.

From £49

Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Experience

Try this immersive prison experience which will have you smuggling your fav alcohol past the warden for the team to craft some bespoke cocktails for you and your other inmates. Don the classic orange jumpsuit and drink away in your cells, but beware of the guards looking to catch you out...

From £46.50

East Sussex Archery Range

One for the Katniss Everdeen and Robin Hoods amongst you. Have a shot at this 1-hour archery master class at a farm in the stunning South Downs just a short taxi ride from Brighton city centre. Try and get a bullseye on 15 targets with a 3D foam meerkat (random!) to take aim at.

From £28

Brighton i360 Viewing Tower

Take in the sights of Brighton from dizzying heights! The i360 slowly rises to 450ft in the air for stunning views out over the sea and inland over the South Downs and rivers Ouse and Adur. There is also a bar for anyone needing just a bit of liquid courage (we won’t rat you out to your mates!) to gaze out over the immense views.

From £18.50