9 dazzling bonfire and firework displays you won’t want to miss


Want to witness some of the best firework displays in the country?

October 28, 2023

You’ve heard of Lewes, but it’s always far too packed and you can’t get into the town by car or train! So, where else could you go to see some of the best displays across the UK this bonfire night?

Kenilworth Castle

When: 4th November

Included in Radio Times and Visit England’s list of best bonfire nights of 2023, this showstopper isn’t one to miss. The grand Kenilworth Castle makes the perfect backdrop for a firework display, adding to the drama and theatrics. Make sure to book in advance as no tickets will be sold at the gate.

Tar Barrels of Ottery St Mary’s, Devon

When: 4th November

Love fire but hate fireworks? Head to Devon for something wild, wacky, and a little adrenaline inducing. The Tar Barrels of Ottery St Mary’s is an age-old tradition for the small town. Wooden barrels are soaked in tar in the weeks leading up to the event before being set on fire and run through the streets by locals. Whilst there is no firework display here, this arguably insane event sounds a hundred times more entertaining!

Leeds Castle, Kent

When: 4th and 5th November

Not your average fireworks display, Leeds Castle adds a touch of movie magic to their show with lasers, lights, and tunes from hit movies. You can also explore the castle throughout the day enjoying the maze, adventure golf, and a walk through the beautiful gardens. After dark you can enter the fairground and grab some delicious street food before the main display begins.

Alton Towers, Staffordshire

When: 3rd – 5th November

Fireworks and rollercoasters in the dark are the staple of a bonfire night at Alton Towers. Ride your favourite coasters after dark (The Wicker Man, is particularly fitting!) for a completely new experience before grabbing a warm drink to watch the amazing firework display.

Beaumaris Fireworks, North Wales

When: 4th November

Live music and a party on the pier, this firework display will have the sea as its backdrop. The bonfire will be lit first followed by the stunning display. Enjoy music from local musicians from North Wales and dance the night away under the stars.

Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife

When: 4th November

Enjoy a day out with high-octane motorsport fun at Knockhill Racing Circuit’s firework event. Watch over three hours of motorsport awesomeness, with demos, stunts, and racing before an awesome firework display to finish the evening. Walk around entertainers will also be onsite including, stilt walkers and fire breathers making this one of the coolest and most unique firework events in Scotland.

Alexandra Palace, London

When: 3rd and 4th November

The London City skyline is infamous, with tall glass covered buildings perfect for reflecting dazzling firework displays. Alexandra Palace will be putting on their Fireworks Festival on bonfire night weekend with a German Bier Festival and live music from amazing tribute acts. Not one to miss if you’re in the city.

Inverness Bonfire and Fireworks Display, Scotland

When: 5th November

Join in the largest free firework display in the Scottish Highlands with the event due to start at 7pm. The lack of light pollution in the highlands will make for an extra spectacular display of lights and colours surrounded by the rolling hills and fields near Inverness.

Swansea bay Fireworks, South Wales

When: 5th November

Enjoy a ‘Night at the Movies’ themed night at St Helen’s Ground in Swansea. Movie characters will be brought to life at this event with actors walking the grounds as well as entertainers, live music, and movie theatre themed snacks and drinks, making this one of the most unique displays in South Wales.