5 must-do’s in York, nowhere does Viking better

York, Yorkshire

Get involved in York's grim and gruesome history.

York has an impressively well-preserved history, with records dating back to the Roman Empire, but it is the Viking Age that the city has gained its fame as the Viking Capital of England. With the rise of Viking themed media, including many hit TV series, that York has become a must-visit for history buffs and horror fanatics around the world. So, what will you discover in the ‘City of One Thousand Ghosts’?

Private Viking Walk of York

Dig deep into the past with a Viking themed tour in none other than the Viking Capital. Hear the tales of the most famous Vikings: Ragnar, Erik Bloodaxe, Ivar the Boneless as you visit the most interesting sites in the city.

Guided Historic Pub Tour

Take a tour through the winding Snickelways, following in the footsteps of famous historical figures. Stop at seven influential pubs to hear tales of their patrons' exploits and grab a drink or two yourself.

York Witches and History Walking Tour

Wander the cobbles and hear tales of the famous Witches of Yorkshire in the dimly lit streets of York’s Medieval Old Town and learn of the mysterious events that occurred beneath your very feet.

‍Mad Alice’s The Bloody Tour of York

Award-winning theatrical tour sees Mad Alice take you on an evening jaunt through the winding city streets, whilst spinning tales of York’s bloodiest and horrifying stories. Not for faint of heart!

York Dungeon

Head into the Dungeons to immerse yourself in a time gone past. The stories of York from the past 2000 years are told by famous figures from the city’s long and rich history.