Seal watching in Scroby

Lowestoft, East Suffolk

Discover the secrets of seals on this wholesome experience. By Atreya Mukerjee

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Crisp ocean breeze and some new seal-ebrity friends? Yabba dabba doo!

Hop onto a picturesque boat ride from Lowestoft and set sail into a captivating journey that will leave you in awe of nature's adorable creations. The Scroby Seal Watching adventure is a 90-minute RIB boat tour which offers a front-row seat to watch the playful antics and undeniable charm of the region's residential whiskered marine mammals.

Offering prolific biodiversity, this coastal haven is home to not just one, but various seal species. So, get ready to be greeted by curious harbour seals and majestic grey seals, also known as the Atlantic Seals, to name a few.

Seal with it's head above the water

Sealed with a kiss

Guided by passionate experts, the boat skims and meanders along the coastline, revealing hidden coves and secluded beaches that serve as resting spots for the seals. Expect plenty of seal watching photo opportunities while keeping an eye out for seals gracefully gliding through the water. If that’s not enough, you might even spot some sweet interactions between mother seals and their pups, or catch glimpses of the seals engaging in spirited play, showcasing acrobatic flips and dives. Eep!

Seal watching boat on open waters

Along with treating your eyes and camera lenses, your tour guides will be serving up loads of local insights into the seals' behaviour, biology, and the efforts made to protect their fragile ecosystems that’ll make you go wow.

If you’re picturing yourself in Scroby already, you've gotta seal this deal!

How to get there


Coach: Most cities have coach connections (direct/with stops) to Lowestoft. Coaches from Wales and Scotland may need a change at London.  

Train: Lowestoft station is served by trains on the East Suffolk Lines from Ipswich and the Wherry Lines to Norwich. There’s a direct train from London and most major cities.  

Flight: The nearest airport is the Norwich Airport which is 24.2 miles away from Lowestoft.

Where to eat


Lowestoft has a variety of great drink and dine options, including several al-fresco bars and grills. Head to the East Point Pavilion, a perfect hub to enjoy sea views and lots of independent street food stalls.



This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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