A selection box of 9 London Christmas outings

London, UK

We’ve wrapped up our Christmas tours and put a cherry on top. Here’s 10 brilliant tours to take before you stuff your stocking. You’re welcome.

December 22, 2023

Jingle my bell, it’s almost Christmas and we’ve got more choice than a tin of Celebrations (definitely the best selection box, and yes we will fight you on that).

Christmas Light tour

Last December, one of the giant baubles broke free and went rogue down Oxford Street rolling past H&M and stunned Tik Tokers. We can’t promise a repeat of the drama this year, but we can promise you’ll be tripping the light fantastic as you go past the Regent Street angels, the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and all the other major London sites on an open-topped revamped big red vintage bus.

Christmas lights bike tour

Cycling more your scene? Work up an appetite for mulled wine and mince pies by cycling round central London taking in the twinkles.

Christmas carol and Charles Dickens

No-one does Christmas quite like Charles Dickens. Tiny Tim and his oversized goose, the ghost of Christmas past and Kermit the frog. Oh wait, that’s the Muppets Christmas movie. Anyway, this walking tour round Dicken’s top London sites including his local pub, favourite chop house and Ebenezer Scrooge’s counting house with plenty of warming drinks along the way.

London historic pub crawl

Feeling a bit bah humbug?  You won’t be alone, just give the festivities a wide berth and come on a pub crawl instead. Not just any old pub crawl, mind. This one takes in a host of historical drinking spots including where Shakespeare used to put on his plays before the Globe opened.

Christmas lights photography tour

There’s an art to taking good photos in the dark. We generally go home with a phone full of blurry messes so we’re up for going on this photography tour to improve. The expertly guided tour of Carnaby Street, Regent Street and Soho will help you capture memories you’ll actually want to show other people.

Christmas silent disco

Silent discos are best when you’re surrounded by mates who’ve all done a shot of couldn’t-give-a-toss-how-silly-I-look. And this tour comes with bags of that plus a guide in a jolly red Santa suit. We defy you not to get into the Christmas spirit with this one.

Christmas day tour

Christmas day is absolutely the best time to go London sightseeing. Hear us out. There are zero crowds, everything is peaceful, the only other people you’ll see are all feeling friendly, and you’re guaranteed a good dinner when you get home. Get on this tour and see for yourself.

Ghostly tour of London

Ghost of Christmas past anyone? Meet them and all the rest of London’s ghouls on this atmospheric nighttime walking tour. Jump scares optional.

Christmas and doughnuts

This is kinda niche but we here for it. If you’re a doughnut fan who loves Christmas, then this two-hour orgy of pastry deliciousness is the trip for you. Come hungry.