Brighton i360 Viewing Tower

Brighton, Sussex

Brighton’s answer to the London Eye for the best views in town.

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If you're afraid of heights, the Brighton i360 might not be for you. But hey, at least it's a cheaper exposure therapy session than skydiving!

Brighton answer to the London Eye

The Brighton i360 is a remarkable observation tower situated slap bang in the middle of Brighton beach. Standing tall at a height of 162 metres, it offers visitors an extraordinary experience of panoramic views that stretch across the city, the sea, and the surrounding countryside. Embarking on a ride on the Brighton i360 is not only a thrilling adventure but also an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the landscape from a unique perspective.

Insta opportunity

As you step into the futuristic glass pod, the anticipation builds. The gentle ascent begins, and the tower gracefully lifts you higher and higher. The spacious and comfortable pod provides ample room for you to move around and explore the breathtaking views. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer an unobstructed sight of the sprawling coastline, the rolling South Downs, and the vibrant cityscape of Brighton. It’s like a real-life Instagram filter. It magically transforms even the most ordinary view into an envy-inducing post.

Sussex views far and wide

As you reach the pinnacle of the ride, the 360-degree views are nothing short of spectacular. The vast expanse of the English Channel stretches out before you. The iconic Brighton Pier comes into view and the panoramic vistas also reveal the charm of Brighton itself. The regal Royal Pavilion stands out with its distinctive architecture, surrounded by lush green gardens. The bustling streets below showcase a vibrant mix of cafes, shops, and historic buildings. The iconic Brighton Dome, a hub of artistic performances, proudly occupies its place in the city centre.

As the pod gently descends, allowing for a lingering appreciation of the views, you may catch glimpses of the picturesque countryside that surrounds Brighton. The South Downs National Park, with its rolling hills and verdant landscapes, offers a striking contrast to the urban environment. It's a reminder of the diverse natural beauty that a trip here has to offer.

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The Brighton i360 not only provides an exhilarating experience when you’re up in the clouds but also back on the ground. Explore the beachside cafes and bars for delicious food and refreshing drinks.

How to get there


Train: Brighton station is just under an hour by rail from London Victoria.

Where to eat


i360 Café On the upper level at Brighton i360, the i360 Café is a real hidden gem serving tea, cake and vegan sausage rolls.



The Brighton i360 is wheelchair and stroller accessible and the surfaces in the area are wheelchair accessible too.

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